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Get excited, this is going to be fun!


1. Book Your Bike

Create an account and book your bike.

Your first RYDE is on us!

2.  Hydrate

Sweat is your body’s way of saying thank you.  Be prepared to be showered in gratitude.  Drink one bottle of water an hour before the ryde.  Bring a bottle or buy one here to drink while you rock out.  Make sure to finish it and take down another one within an hour (along with protein, carbs and fat!)

3.  Dress Like A RYDER.

You don’t have any of our gear yet, but we’re sure you have something awesome to wear.  Something supportive on top for the ladies and fitted, spandex bottoms for EVERYONE.  Guys, you should wear it even if it’s under your regular shorts.  Women should wear pants that hit right above the knee or longer.

When you RYDE, we want to make sure you’re getting THE MOST out of your effort so we require you to wear cycling shoes.  You can bring your own (with Look Delta or SPD clips) or rent ours for $2.  We have fresh towels for you on your bike so leave yours in the bathroom where it belongs.

4.  Come to the studio 20 minutes early.

You’ll park in the structure on 4th Street between Wilshire and Arizona (more location info here).  This will take about 5 minutes.

Find the door in the alley under the big RYDE4 sign and press the buzzer to the right of the door to enter.  Take the stairs to the third floor.  On the roof the staff will have a waiver for you to sign and shoes for you to try on.

Since it’s your first RYDE, we want to take the time to help you set up your bike and walk you through the positioning so you feel comfortable and safe.

5. Put your stuff away.

On the roof, you'll see cubbies for you to store your shoes, bags, cells phones, etc.  We don't allow any distractions in the studio so please leave them outside.  If you'd prefer to lock your belongings away, the front desk downstairs in the gym will provide you with a  lock to borrow and secure everything in the locker room.

6. Your first goal is to RYDE the bike.

As a first time ryder, you’ll focus on simply holding your body in the proper form and pedaling to the beat of the music. That's how you get the workout that burns calories, obliterates fat, makes all of your clothes fit again. So, don't worry about getting out of the saddle or moving around.  Your goal is to learn the foundation - RYDING to the beat - and then you can add on from there. The key is that you make the strong and safe choice to take your seat when you lose the beat. The saddle is there to support you!

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