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Workout Breakdown - What are you RYDING 4?

The Workout

Fundamentally, a RYDE is high intensity interval training that burns calories, sheds fat, and revs up your metabolism for 24 hours.  It’s low impact and easier on your body than running. RYDE4 classes are 45 or 60 minutes long with strength training, depending on the class!

  • 4 Zone Training = Levels of Instensity 
  • Muscle Isolation/Perception
  • Awesome Music
We work in 4 zones:

Zone 1: Warm up or recovery where the heat in our body circulates.

Zone 2: Working to keep the beat at an intensity we could do all day long. 

Zone 3: Making an effort to keep the beat. Every pedal stroke feels powerful and has a purpose. The key is consistency as the resistance gets heavier.

Zone 4: All out! Leave that beat behind and give it everything you got!

Toning Your Body

"Muscle Isolation/Perception"

The positions you will find on the bike are designed to draw focus to certain muscle groups in your legs and work them to exhaustion.  When we ryde “tall” you’ll feel the heat in your quads as you tone your quads.  When you back up over the saddle and ryde “long” you’ll pull your focus to the backside of your leg and work more hamstrings and glutes.  You can’t argue with a tighter butt, can you?!

Even if you crank up the resistance on the bike, you are doing SO many repetitions of a pedal stroke.  Remember the old adage, "Repetition, definition."  In this way we are creating lean muscle mass.


Rocking out to the music is our favorite part of the RYDE.  Drop your elbows, shake your booty back, crunch it out, you’ll see how fun it can be! These movements you will do with your upper body tighten your abs and keep your heart rate high.  
Don’t worry, it’s a lot to take in now, but it all makes sense once you clip in!


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