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Inside RYDE4

Ryde4 is the only studio in Los Angeles where you can see the ocean while you're rocking out on a stationary bike! We have 24 Schwinn AC Performance Plus bikes with Carbon Blue belts.  
See a map of the room and book your bike here!

We are happy to provide towels, cycling shoes to rent for $2, and bottled water to purchase for $2.  

Please note we only accept credit cards as payment.  You can charge anything to your account that you can set up here.

There are cubbies to hold your bags while you ryde. We appreciate you keeping your phone in your cubby during class so that we can all respect each other's workout! 

You have access to the locker room and sauna in Burn Fitness, the gym below the studio. If you're interested in the gym, we have amazing prices and packages!
Click here for all of your membership options.

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