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Angelica's smile is big enough to light up the studio, even at 6am! Her playlist is full of songs you will love, whether you've heard them before or not. The beat is her best friend and she'll make sure everyone in the class is holding on to it. As a personal trainer, you never have to guess the purpose behind each pedal stroke!


Michael is obsessed with music. He spends hours scouring the internet for the best new songs and remixes to blend in with his favorite classics.  KISS FM doesn't have anything on him! Michael uses his music to take you on a 45 minute blow out good time in an effort to satisfy your body and soul.  He brings out that inner diva. At the end of the day, having a good time is what life is all about. Leave everything at the door and join Michael for the RYDE you have been looking for!


Sara is new to the west coast and just moved to California from Philadelphia. Sara is a Elementary health and physical education teacher and has a passion for fitness. She is a MADD Dog certified spin instructor. She will consistently challenge you beyond measures on the bike. Don’t let her soft spoken voice misguide you as she keeps the class intense for the entire duration of class!
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For 3 years, this young rockstar has been teaching at spin studios all over the country.  A commericial real estate broker closing deals by day, Shay RYDES her heart out at night to the latest music she finds before it hits the charts.  She'll teach you to get low and RYDE the bike fast. And as you can tell from that big smile, she likes to have a good time doing it!

Follow Shay on Spotify to keep up with her playlists; you'll want to take them to the gym with you!


Taylor is an energetic fire ball that lights up the studio! As a former DI athlete and a current coach, she knows how to get the most out of herself and those around her while still having an awesome time. She absolutely LOVES her music and craves fun workouts, so come get the party started with Taylor!


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