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Well, it IS already May, but this tagline is by far the best saying out there for this month (TEAM NSYNC FOREVER)! 

We had a great month at RYDE4! New instructors, we added an Athletic RYDE, and we have a new ryder of the month! 


Sara moved to LA and started ryding with us here at RYDE4 6 months ago! She came across the studio online and when she saw the rooftop, she was sold :-) She has been taking class with Shay, Michael, and Taylor during the week, and Shay's RYDE60 class every Saturday morning at 9:00AM. We asked her a few questions about herself and her love for RYDE4. Check it out below!

What is your favorite thing about RYDE4?

I love that Ryde4 is fast paced and introspective. Despite the fact that it takes place in a group setting, with the lights off and the music blasting, the experience couldn't be more personal. It's always a challenge but for me it's also just about letting go of stress and pushing myself to my own limits.

What are you ryding for? 

I'm ryding PRIMARILY because I hate to run and "cardio is important", but also because its super mindful. It requires your full body and in order to make the most of it, you have to detach from the rest of your day, tune into your body, focus on your breathing and just let all the stress go. So it's sort of like yoga for people who can't sit still, maybe.

What is your favorite move on the bike?!

Shay's "around the world". Hands down.

Thank you for being a part of our team Sara, you're the best!


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