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At RYDE4: we do more than "just ride a bike," we: SWEAT, BURN, & LEARN!
Use specialized heart rate training for the best results to SWEAT out the toxins, BURN the calories and LEARN about your cardio fitness health from each RYDE! 
The HR monitors will move you through each of the 4 Zones from warming up to cooling down, aerobic to anaerobic, reaching your VO2Max!  During your RYDE with the HR Monitors and four zones you will improve your cardio fitness health journey.
We loan a complimentary HR monitor during your RYDE. If you prefer to bring your own monitor, go for it and see our list below of compatible monitors! 

Zones & Heart Rate 



RYDE4 has turned up the heat for 2018!
See your workout in real time!
Receive an email summary of your data from the RYDE: calories burned, % spent each zone and your average BMPs.
Customized specifically for you, with each RYDE you will SWEAT, BURN and LEARN!
If your resting HR improves OR you feel that your Max HR is off, email ryder@ryde4.com to adjust your numbers and goals! 

No worries! Create your own username and be anonymous on the screens.
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Compatible Heart Rate Monitors:
  • Scochse Rhythm+ 
  • Fenix, Vivosmart
  • Vivoactive broadcast an ANT+ signal.
Set Up:
  • Settings> Sensors or Heart Rate > Broadcasting and select OK.


  • Wahoo TICKR, TICKRX, & RUN
  • Wahoo Blue HR
  • Scosche Rhythm+ 
  • Mio Fuse
  • Mio Link
  • Mio Aplh
  • Mio Aplha 2 
  • Mio Velo
  • Mio Slice 
Bluetooth Cont'd:
  • 4iiii Innovations Viiiiva
  • MyZone MZ3
  • Polar H7
  • Polar H10
  • TomTom HRM (SZ999)
  • Powertap Powercel
  • Jarv Run BT
  • Soleus BlueFitHR
  • Cateye BTLE
  • Zephyr HxM
  • Sigma R1
  • Lixada
  • Runtastic
  • Coospo H8 & H6
  • Cardiosport TP3
  • Suunto Smart Belt
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